A Little About Christine

Christine is a multi-talented illustrative designer, who primarily works locally in the Texas Panhandle to support local businesses through  public promotion design through branding (logos + business materials), professional photography, social media planning, poster illustration / design and other promotional materials. Her fun, illustrative style is widely enjoyed in her individualized portraiture, paper goods line, and personal illustration work. 

As a part of both the Downtown Merchants Association and the beautification committee in her hometown of Borger, Texas, Christine's primary current focus is to promote healthy and happy local life. She loves to use the skills she has gained through her time in art school (B.F.A. in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design), ministry school (at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry), the military (4 years as an Army analyst), her time as a Campus Correspondent with Her Campus, and a variety of other life experience. 

Her desire as an illustrator & person is putting on display the value she sees, ideas, people and the beautiful things she finds around her, especially in places where beauty is not immediately obvious.  She uses abstraction, color vibrancy and simplicity of composition to showcase the beauty of everyday life and in nature. The beauty of nature [animals, greenery, naturally edible delights, land, water, etc.] has always played a big role in her work, inspiring a life of color and simplicity.

She invites any new opportunities to benefit & support the communities around her.